Stations and Destinations

Coming Soon! Volume II of Beyond the Rails!

We just can’t stop travelling by train!  Four years, 5 trips and tens of thousands of miles later we are adding as many stations as possible in 2019!  You will know what to expect when you disembark, where to stay and what to do! 

The map below shows where we have been so far!

Beyond the Rails, Stations and Destinations!

Every train trip is different and much of that depends on the destinations and stations you choose.  We are often asked what our favorite stop is and that has been such a hard question to answer. Every place is unique, how do you compare a big city with with a national park? Or a visit to the ocean with the Grand Canyon?  You can do all of these things and more (even in the same trip) then please tell me your favorite. (Our first trip is outlined in yellow.)

The differences and opportunities start with the stations.  Are you getting off at a small flag stop station, or at a large beautifully restored station? Perhaps the station is brand new and filled with modern amenities. Our first book focused primarily on the “how to” of train travel from seating, to eating, sleeping, itineraries and tickets. This second companion book will focus on where to go, what to see, where to stay and what to expect when you arrive at the station!


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