New Travel Podcast

Travel Author, Lisa Bates, Beyond the Rails, USA Cross-Country Train Travel and Radio host, Stephanie Viva, iHeart Media, have joined forces in an exciting, hilarious, entertaining podcast, Women Travel Better in Pairs!

Featuring adventures, interviews, local Cape Cod venues, cross-country travel, women, issues and life. We are geared toward women of all ages, travel buffs and those who believe that life’s adventures are better when shared. #jointhejourney

Visit Oxnard; Hugged by the sea and warmed by City Women Travel Better in Pairs, #WTBiP

 The Slogan for Oxnard is "Kissed by the sun, Hugged by the sea- we came in 'June gloom,' and it was utterly spectacular! Lisa and Stephanie go on another adventure-seeking information for Lisa's book on stations and destinations, and they get more than they ever thought possible. Listen to this episode and get on a plane, train, car, or boat, and head to Oxnard.
  1. Visit Oxnard; Hugged by the sea and warmed by City
  2. Welcome to Simi Valley
  3. Into Burbank we go
  4. 48 Hours Chesapeake Bay Virginia
  5. Developing with Marston Smith.Northern Neck-The Tides Inn Series

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