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enhanced-head-shotThe more important things to know about me are:

I love my family and most importantly my kids…they are the reason I am living better… always.

In the world of cats and dogs ~ I choose dog every time!

I am a sucker for a flash mob, touching videos, hallmark commercials and great inspirational quotes.

I am an avid, aging, athlete however I still love everything about sports.

I am happiest when I am busy and juggling many things.

I am a DIY home improvement enthusiast and wannabe gardener.

I despise just about everything to do with cooking, I hate when people eat all of my hard work.

My sense of humor is my best attribute and I especially love to laugh so hard I cry.  (Practical jokes are my forte!)

I love writing and I actually really enjoy public speaking. (Writing a book is  much harder than I anticipated!)

I LOVE to travel … around the world and down the street!  

My life motto is definitely “the only mistake is not to begin…”


In my college yearbook there is a picture of me riding a camel.

I love to meet people through my work, writing, website, and social media… so, Hello!

Bios for Lisa Bates

Speaker’s Profile and Education

Lisa Bates holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, teaching certification and a degree in Business Administration.  From school administrator and non-profit executive, to teacher, coach, counselor and mom, Lisa has extensive experience, knowledge and training in the education field working with children from cradle to college.  Currently, Lisa works as a consultant and project manager with LB Living Better her organizational and educational services business. Her first book Barbies in the Horse Bin, Living Better with Organized Children was released in February, 2015.  Lisa’s second book Beyond the Rails, How to Plan a Cross-Country Train Trip  released in May, 2017.  Lisa is a seasoned, energizing, humorous, workshop presenter with extensive experience.  As a mother of three teenagers including twin boys, Lisa is active in many youth sport and art organizations and serves on numerous local boards and committees.

2-line bio:

Organizational, educational and train travelling expert, Lisa Bates works with families, schools and organizations to promote “living better”. Visit her website to learn more.

Short Bio for Travel Presentations:

A “happy accident” is how Lisa refers to her first train trip and now with four cross-country adventures under her belt covering over 21,000 miles, she is a self-proclaimed “trainamping” expert. An energized presenter, she will have you packing your bags for your trip of a lifetime.

Lisa Bates has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, certification to teach Behavioral Sciences and a degree in Business Administration.  Lisa operates LB Living Better the home for her lifestyle blog and consulting business. Lisa is a sought after presenter, parenting consultant and writer with extensive experience. As a mother of three teenagers including twin boys, Lisa maintains her sanity by writing, travelling and playing with her dogs. Read more about Lisa Bates at or contact her at

Long Bio:

A Little Bit About Us…

Our first train trip we fondly refer to as a “happy accident”. A frustrating and costly plan to fly from Boston to California in 2014 had us looking for a better option. Enter the USA Rail Pass and the first train trip EVER for our family of five. Our first trip to the west coast and back to Boston was 7,765 miles and we were hooked.

In the next two and half years we traveled over 20,000 miles by train and visited or passed through more than thirty states. In the book we cover in detail over 20 different destinations you can reach with a USA Rail Pass. The “DayTrippers” section is dedicated to those unique and once in a lifetime opportunities that can be accomplished in a one (sometimes two-three) day visit.

Our book is a comprehensive “how to manual” including journal entries of the good, the bad, and the awesome of train travel.  All of the pictures in the book and video here on the website are taken by us, undoctored, scrapbook style pictures that you can recreate with your own trip.

Additionally we have “journal notes” throughout the book so you can hear first hand about our “togetherness”, the worst train station ever, and the best seats on the train. We have pictures of the bathrooms, the seats, luggage storage and roomettes, so there should be no surprises on your adventure. We hope our adventures help you to plan yours!

Excerpts from the Beyond the Rails, USA Cross-Country Train Travel:

Togetherness – For me this is the single biggest benefit of train travel for families. There is time to be together, uninterrupted by television, work schedules and technology. Train travel is truly inter-generational. From the needs of babies to accommodations for seniors in the family, you will find all ages enjoying the long haul.

Whether we are cuddled up with blankets (highly recommend) in our train seats with snacks and books or playing Yahtzee in the viewing cars, there is suddenly so much time to just BE together.

Throughout the book we utilize journal posts to further describe those moments and events that were notable. From the section of the book on “OH the People You Will Meet” here is the journal post!

Education Credentials for Lisa Bates

Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, Boston College

**Additional coursework towards Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study and completion of teaching certification in Behavioral Sciences.

Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Providence College

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