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Our first train trip we fondly refer to as a “happy accident”. A frustrating and costly plan to fly from Boston to California in 2014 had us looking for a better option. Enter the USA Rail Pass and the first train trip EVER for our family of five. Our first trip to the west coast and back to Boston was 7,765 miles and we were hooked.

Over the next five years we have traveled over 24,000 miles by train and visited or passed through more than 40 states. In the book we cover in detail over 20 different destinations you can reach with a USA Rail Pass. The “DayTrippers” section is dedicated to those unique and once in a lifetime opportunities that can be accomplished in a one (sometimes two-three) day visit.

Our book is part “how to manual” and part “journal” of the good, the bad, and the awesome of train travel.  All of the pictures in the book and video here on the website are taken by us, undoctored, scrapbook style pictures that you can recreate with your own trip.

Additionally we have “journal notes” throughout the book so you can hear first hand about our “togetherness”, the worst train station ever, and the best seats on the train. We have pictures of the bathrooms, the seats, luggage storage and roomettes, so there should be no surprises on your adventure.

We hope our adventures help you to plan yours!

Update – publishing second edition in 2020!

Due to popular demand we are working on the second edition of Beyond the Rails to include more Stations and Destinations! The new edition will include 45+ stations and destinations we have personally visited in our travels. Tips for lodging, activities, food and what to expect at the station. Insider train travel tips for sleeper cars and other upgrades you might not have expected.

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