Beyond the Rails

Did you know that you can travel cross-country by train for two weeks, visit eight different destinations all for less than the price of a round trip airline ticket?

Have you ever wanted to take an adventure unlike anything else you have ever done?

Do you want a quantity of quality time with your family or friends?

Did you know that a cross-country train adventure can provide the most incredible scenery, all while offering the epitome of relaxation?

Insider secrets, travel planning, sleeping on a train, what to bring, where to sit and so much more are all inside the pages of Beyond the Rails, USA Cross-Country Train Travel.

Over twenty destinations are featured in the “Day Trippers” section of the book including visits to national parks as well as major cities.

Get the ins an outs of train travel in the United States, no two are alike, find out what to do and where to stay once you arrive!

Want to learn more, check out our 2 minute highlight videos or listen to our interviews!

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Map of our Progress! Blue Completed, Yellow still to Visit. Red Line is a Sample trip!

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